Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frame 232 by Wil Mara

Frame 232 by Wil Mara

On November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, a young woman waited anxiously to see the beloved young President and his beautiful wife!  That would be a day she would never forget!  Seeing the President shot and killed at such close range was a terrible sight in itself, but the events that followed in Mrs. Baker's life that day would haunt her for the rest of her days!

My favorite character in this book would definitely be Jason Hammond. The tormented billionaire struggles with in himself and turns away from God.  He feels that God is to blame for the misfortune in his life, but upon meeting a very unlikely man, he finds the truth. The truth that God is not there to harm us, but He loves us and wants nothing but good for us.  In his attempt to find the truth in the world, he helps many people on his journey.

Wil Mara does a wonderful job in creating suspenseful, I-can't-put-the-book-down descriptions! Mr. Mara introduces new characters and at first you are thinking, how does this person have anything to do with the main characters or the story line, then he pulls it all together!  

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction!  I enjoyed to book and look forward to reading more from Mr. Mara!

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  1. Great review! I loved it, too, and can't wait to read his next book.:) Lori