Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Family Fun!

I hope that you enjoyed the 4th with your family and friends like we did!!  

We went to our local mall and danced the night away to one of our favorite local bands, BOOM! Kenetic!! 
 Check them out at

The girls and my husband and I loved them!!!

I think they have a new "groupee"

The boys, however, were not as impressed....

Of course, we had to have snacks!

Then it was time for fireworks to we got out the noise cancelling headphones, turned on the tunes and put them on my sweet girls ears...  one giant BOOM!!  later....
And here we are in the van.  Boo.  Once safe inside the confines of the van, (did I mention we couldn't open the windows, so it was HOT in there) she sat in my lap NOT watching the fireworks.  
The rest of the family, sat outside in their lawn chairs in the parking lot and watched with awe.

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

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  1. Great fireworks! I remember when K used to hate fireworks but now she loves them- from a distance.;) Lori