Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sweet Girl's Birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet girl!

And where does she pick to go for her Birthday lunch?

She really wanted the $5 chicken meal with a free sundae!  I really think she just wanted the sundae, but she ate all of her chicken, which is very unusual for her!!!

All my kiddos!!!

Here is C playing the feed the frog game

Riding the racing horse...this one was actually pretty hard!
Even J was having fun!

Here they are dancing with ChuckE for tickets.

Daddy and J are "helping" C get some extra tickets!

Make a Wish!!

She just loved the movie Oz the Great and Powerful
China girl was her favorite!!
Me and my sweet girl!!!

Sisterly Love!!!

I can't believe another year has gone by....they grow up so fast!
Cherish the time you have with your babies!!!
I sure am!!!

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