Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Barbie on the Move!!!

Thanks to Wal-Mart and Mattel we got to enjoy some girly time with our girls!

They had a blast!!!

Posing for pictures, 

The girls and I loved these hot pink poodles!  We think we should have some for our home!!

Getting their faces painted


And don't forget the fashion show!!!

The girls also got to enjoy some fun with mega bloks barbie!  They were each given a box with a barbie and a pet inside.  Then they got to build their own barbie "house".

Daddy admiring Barbie's lovely home!

After that fun, we went to the other side of the tent and the girls got to design and color their own Barbie Fashion dress!!
Such a fun day!!!! Love these girls!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet Friends + Ballet = Beautiful!!!

Two Beautiful girls inside and out!!!

My daughter and her long time friend choreographed and performed a beautiful dance to the sweet song Reflections in the Disney movie Mulan!
These girls, who share the same name,  met in ballet class when they were about 6 years old!  I hope they continue to be friends through out their lifetime!!

It was so much fun watching them rehearse!  I made their dance costumes the evening before the talent show, I  think they turned out pretty good!!   I love the way they flowed as they danced!!

Click the link below and watch them dance!
From start to finish, it took them about 2-3 hours!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Summer!  I am so happy that school is out and summer break is here!
We still have a crazy schedule, but we make time to enjoy to the outdoors!  
Here are some of my kids, playing in the dirt at the park.  Who needs play equipment or swings???  Just grab a stick or use your finger and start drawing or writing!!  Of course it did help that it had just rained. :-)

We made a trip to the library today, along with all the toddlers in the area!  I love that my kids are avid readers!  My 9 year old and I picked a book to read together, The Diary of Ann Frank.  Plus we chose a few other series to try out:
Jon Berkeley's The Hidden Boy

 Patrick Carman's The Land of Elyon Book 1, The Dark Hills Divide.  

 I will let you know what we think!!

So the rest of our summer "hope we get to do" list includes:

Jumping on the trampoline
1/2 priced shakes after 8! (Sonic)
Sewing projects (The boys aren't crazy about this one!)
LEGO Days!
Sleep overs!
Star gazing!
catching lighting bugs
Maybe camping....:-)

What are you going to do this summer??  We might want to add it to our list!