Monday, August 17, 2009

Family Vacation at Devil's Den

Can't forget the babies and doggie!

Time to go HOME!

Mommy and Courtney


Courtney and Katie



Mommy without make up!


Courtney and her babies!

Courtney relaxing!

Everyone eating

This is the 'frog' that Nathan found! hee hee

Nathan said, Look I found a frog!


This is the first time my kids had ever been in a creek. I think they enjoyed it!

Nathan as a Tuskin Raider!

Summer of Baseball

Joshua at Catcher... Cozy fans!!!!
Great Form!
Joshua throws to 2nd!
Joshua looks out on the field...
Nathan, Lets go Joey!!!!
All smiles!
Courtney in the stands!!
Look at the concentration!
then...he's goofing around! :-)

Its Courtney!!

Courtney performing at the St Raphael's end of the year Mass.

Courtney in her bunny ears!

More CInderella Photos

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Butterfly Katie and Daddy

Butterfly Katie and her Pose'

Butterfly Katie and her VERY proud Mommy!!

Cinderella and Butterfly Katie

Katie getting her make up done!

Joshua's 5th Grade Graduation

Joshua and Matthew!

Joshua and the gang(below) with his certificate.

Mrs. Knapp and Mrs. Strange present Joshua with the
President's Education Awaed for Outstanding Academic Excellence!
Yeah Joshua!!!

Joshua playing the Xylophone in the School was a surpise for us!!

Joshua's last day of ELEMENTARY school!!!

Here he is with Mrs. Knapp, his principle since kindergarten!!!

I can't believe my Baby Boy is going into the 6th grade!! Middle School!!! Where did the time go??? I am getting old.

We are so proud of Joshua! He is such a great kid! He is smart, funny, kind hearted, loves Jesus, and is an all around good kid. He has his moments, but we are sooo proud of him!