Monday, May 27, 2013

An ADHD Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2013

So we decided to attempt to put up our trampoline today.  We have had it for a couple months.  However we are not the most "handy" family around!  

here we are putting together the frame and legs, then we started putting the mat on...  the jumpy part as I like to call it!  

After getting all the springs attached, we realized we didn't quite line up the door.  So we had to take it all off and shift the mat/safety net about 6 notches over.  Not so much fun!!  But after several hours we finally got it all together!!!  

I have to say, this has been a great day.  We all helped to put together the trampoline, even though it took was longer then it should have, we have all enjoyed to fruits of our labors!  The kids are still out there jumping like monkeys and its getting pretty late!!  

As much fun as it was to put together (sarcasm sign here) I am so thankful for this wonderful toy!  As you may know, my youngest daughter has ADHD and Aspergers. (Yes that is two of my babies with Aspergers.)  She has trouble focusing long enough to do daily things like get dressed, brush her teeth, eat breakfast/lunch/dinner without medication.  I am not very fond of medication, so we I can find other alternatives that can help her, I get very excited!!  I have often heard/read that kids with sensory issues can excel with sensory input.  She has been bouncing on that trampoline pretty much since we got it up, and let me tell you, it has been wonderful!  When it was dinner time, she actually sat at the dinner table until she was done eating!!  Yes, I know that you are thinking, WHAT???  well if you have a child with ADHD/Aspergers, you would understand that this is a great accomplishment!  Oh, I forgot to tell you, I didn't give her any meds today!  She is now sitting on the couch watching the Hobbit with us, not dragging every toy she owns in here, fiddling with them, and picking at her siblings...she is actually sitting and watching!!   I definitely see the use of the trampoline a lot in the future!

What a great day!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 more days until school it OUT for the summer!!!

I cannot believe another year is coming to an end!  
My eldest son will soon be a tenth grader, looking ahead at college's and life beyond High School!!  I am so not prepared for that!!

The next few days are going to be extremely busy!! On top of our normal weekly routine of 5 hours of therapy, ballet, basketball practice and piano lessons, we have the end of the year Mass at my younger kids school. 

Not only will this be sad because it is the end of another school year, this will be the end of the school.  In 3 days, the doors will close for the last time. 

 My 2nd son will be graduating from the 7th grade, he started at this school the year it opened in 2nd grade.  My middle son, my sweet redhead, will be leaving the only school he has ever known.  He started there the first year of the school in kindergarten and would have been the first class to go all the way through until 7th grade. He is a very sensitive soul, and it trying very hard to be tough about it.  My 4th child, my drama queen, started in Pre-K and is now finishing up her 4th grade year. She was so excited to finally be in the "big" school. The 4th - 7th grade is in the upper elementary building.  Finally my baby girl. She will be finishing her 2nd grade year, she also started in Pre-K.  

I look forward to our celebration Mass, knowing that I had better bring lots of tissues!!  

The next night, we will be attending our oldest sons Athletic Banquet, where he will be lettering for the first time! He has grown into such a smart young man!  

Then to end the week, my younger kids school will be having a talent show.  My drama queen will be doing a ballet performance with a friend from her ballet class.  She is very excited!  I know it will be beautiful!

After all is said and done this week, I know that we will still have each other.  Our family will still be complete, and we will all be here for each other during this sad time and through the anxiety as the new school year starts up.  May God be with my babies through out the scary times to comfort them and guide them. May God be with me as well, to give me the strength and wisdom to know how to comfort each one as they need.  


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beyonders Trilogy  by Brandon Mull

I just finished reading all three of the BEYONDERS books by Brandon Mull.  These books are a young adult fiction series about a land called Lyrian.  The two characters that travel mysteriously to this world from ours, show bravery and compassion to try and save a world that isn't their own.  I loved these books!  My 10 year old son introduced this series to me and I am so glad that he did!  There is wizardry and war, good vs. evil,friends and foes coming together to save their world!  I highly recommend this series!  I would buy all three at once so you don't have to wait to start the next one!

To learn more about the author, Brandon Mull, go to his website
He is also the author of the Fablehaven series.

What I learned today:

I know that I am probably really behind the times but I learned how to convert a youtube video to an mp3 file!  I can't believe it was so easy!  You just copy your url for the video/song you want and go to and paste your url code and hit convert!  OMG!  I can't believe it!  My kids have Ipods, nooks etc...but I have an android phone, which I have never loaded music onto, and a generic mp3 player... Now I can copy the songs we have purchased on Itunes and download them to my mp3 player!  Yeah!!!

Yes, I know....its the little things in life that make me happy!!

What have you learned today???

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Particularly Hard Phase of Life

We go through many phases during our lifetime.  Some are exciting and thrilling! Like getting married or having children.  Some are dark and scary. Like the loss of a loved one.  Some are both scary and exciting at the same time!  starting a new job, moving to a new home..

I have gone through many phases in my life....  the most prominent ones were losing my Daddy to cancer, finding the Lord, moving out on my own, getting married, buying a house, having my babies....  not necessarily in that order...   
I have stumbled my way through life and have felt uncertain, scared and very lost at times.  Now is one of those times.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to know a loving, forgiving God.  I am thankful that He brought my husband into my life and blessed us with the most amazing children!  I know that God will provide for us, I know that He will take care of us.  However, sometimes knowing that God will be there doesn't stop the horrible feeling that you get deep inside when you know that your life is changing and you feel out of control.  

I am so scared for the future.  I am scared for my kids.  I am supposed to be the strong parent that brings comfort to my children when they are scared about the future.  We are all sad that their school is closing.  I don't know how that fits into God's plans, but I know that He knows the plan.  I see friendships drifting away.  I see a school without God, where kids can't pray together and for each other, talk about their faith and go to Mass together.  I see a future with such changes that I don't see how we fit in. 

How do you comfort a scared child when you are just as scared as they are???

I want to be home with my kids, home school, taking them to daily Mass, to study the bible. Teach them to be loving and giving people.  But what I see is them going to a school that is not where we want our kids to learn, that will take them away from their faith and religion.  All because it is a financially safer choice.

Lord, Help us to see your path for us.  Help me to comfort my scared children.  Help us to make the right choices for them.  Lord take away this lonely, empty feeling inside me.  Please bring loving, christian people in our lives.  Lord help me to be there for my children first and show me how to financially support my family without sacrificing my children.