Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 more days until school it OUT for the summer!!!

I cannot believe another year is coming to an end!  
My eldest son will soon be a tenth grader, looking ahead at college's and life beyond High School!!  I am so not prepared for that!!

The next few days are going to be extremely busy!! On top of our normal weekly routine of 5 hours of therapy, ballet, basketball practice and piano lessons, we have the end of the year Mass at my younger kids school. 

Not only will this be sad because it is the end of another school year, this will be the end of the school.  In 3 days, the doors will close for the last time. 

 My 2nd son will be graduating from the 7th grade, he started at this school the year it opened in 2nd grade.  My middle son, my sweet redhead, will be leaving the only school he has ever known.  He started there the first year of the school in kindergarten and would have been the first class to go all the way through until 7th grade. He is a very sensitive soul, and it trying very hard to be tough about it.  My 4th child, my drama queen, started in Pre-K and is now finishing up her 4th grade year. She was so excited to finally be in the "big" school. The 4th - 7th grade is in the upper elementary building.  Finally my baby girl. She will be finishing her 2nd grade year, she also started in Pre-K.  

I look forward to our celebration Mass, knowing that I had better bring lots of tissues!!  

The next night, we will be attending our oldest sons Athletic Banquet, where he will be lettering for the first time! He has grown into such a smart young man!  

Then to end the week, my younger kids school will be having a talent show.  My drama queen will be doing a ballet performance with a friend from her ballet class.  She is very excited!  I know it will be beautiful!

After all is said and done this week, I know that we will still have each other.  Our family will still be complete, and we will all be here for each other during this sad time and through the anxiety as the new school year starts up.  May God be with my babies through out the scary times to comfort them and guide them. May God be with me as well, to give me the strength and wisdom to know how to comfort each one as they need.  


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