Monday, July 1, 2013

One Crazy Week!!!

Oh my!  I can't believe that the last week has just flown by!!!

We started out by seeing Monsters University.  It was a hit!

Next we spent the day in Missouri for a Basketball Tournament.  It was a fun day, but boy that last gym was HOT!!!

Friday we went swimming...fortunately I don't have any photos of me at this event!  
Isn't it funny how tired you get after swimming???
We had ice cream for dinner that night so I didn't have to cook!  
Mom of the year award!!

Sunday after church, it was soo beautiful outside that we decided to go hiking!!
Hobbs State Park- Shaddox Hollow Trail

Here is Nathan.....

And here is Nathan's friend.... :-)

Joshua had to help Nathan down, because they didn't listen when I said....Don't climb up there, you won't be able to get back down!   Yes, I was right. 

This is Joshua giving me the stink eye for taking his picture.
Too Bad son,  I think you are handsome and I want to remember what you looked like as a teenager!

 Nathan in a cave, pretending to be Gollum.
Its a box without hinges
key or lid
but inside a golden treasure is hid.

Its egges!!!

But my favorite part of the week was Sunday morning.
My youngest served on the alter for the first time!
All 5 of my babies were serving God, as alter servers at the same time!!

I am very blessed!!!!!

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