Monday, July 22, 2013

Desperate Households by Kathy Peel

I read this book, Desperate Households by Kathy Peel, in hopes of getting some useful tips to help with my chaotic family life.  I definitely found much more in this book than a few helpful hints! 

One thing I really liked about this book, is that it points out that we all don't have to have the same style in managing our families to be successful! Chapter 2 is all about how to identify what your style of family management.  I have tried for quiet some time to look at other mothers that are successful with their family management and I tried to duplicate what they did.  Some things would work, while others failed miserably!  In Kathy's book, she reminds us that everything needs to start with God, good time and bad.  We tend to only search for Him when things are going roughly and we forget in the midst all the controlled chaos that we should be reaching out to God everyday!  

I am not saying this book is magic and everything is going to be wonderful now that I have read this book, but I will say it has given me a lot of hope and reassurance on how the future can be with my family.  

The first thing we did was sit down as a family and write up some family rules.  We are still in the process of tweeking them, but this is what we have come up with so far.

1. Treat each other respectfully.  You don't always have to like each other, but you will always love each other, and you must treat each other with respect.  No name calling, no yelling, no hitting.
2. Respect each others things.  You may not touch or use someone else's things without permission.  No throwing a fit if they tell you no.
3. Pick up after yourself.  When you are done with something, put it away.  Put things away when you are told its time to clean up without complaining.
4. Take responsibility for your own actions. We all make mistakes; you will be in much less trouble if you take responsibility for your own actions. 
5. Ask for forgiveness when you hurt or offend someone. Do this sincerely, not sarcastically.
6. Always knock before entering a closed door.  Respect others privacy and ask before entering someones room.
7. Delete the following from your vocabulary: Shut up, I hate you, butt head
(this one is an ongoing list.)
8. No whining or fit throwing.  When you are asked to help a sibling, do a chore, practice/homework do not throw a fit.  When we tell you no, do not keep asking, throw a fit or whine that its not fair, we don't tell you no because we want to torture you, we have to tell you no sometimes because we love you.

We have also created a family mission statement, we may need to tweek this as well.

    To create a home full of love, that inspires creativity, comfort and relaxation. A home that is fun and inviting, where everyone feels safe from the outside world and can feel God's presence. 

I highly recommend this book if you would like to improve upon your family management! Chapter 6. Morning Routine Makeover and Chapter 9 Clutter Makeover were two of my favorites and I can't wait to start putting them into action!

Happy reading!!!

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