Friday, August 16, 2013

Week of Science Experiments: Day Three

Day Three!  I had a few issues with my email, so this is day three of our experiments.
I must say I think we all liked this one very much!!1!

Can you guess what we made???  If you guessed ICE CREAM, you are correct!!! And we were rebels and even made it BEFORE lunch!  He he!

Here is what you need

 Filling our large bags with ice.

Add 1/2 cup of salt ( it called for course salt but all we had was table salt...still worked!)

 Add it to the ice in the large zip lock bag.

Next, you measure one cup of milk, cream or half and half. We used milk.

Look, how sweet! N is helping his baby sister pour the milk into the small ziplock back!

Add 2 TBSP sugar

Add 1 tsp vanilla

Now set your timer


C got crazy with it!!

K thought it was COLD!!!

N was smart and figured out that an oven mitt would be a great idea!!!

Now lets see....

Looks yummy!!!

Everyone is enjoying it!!

Even Marley got some!!!

C thought hers needed Chocolate...Of Course!!

However, it was her turn to wipe the table....she was not happy about that!

Try some homemade ice cream at your house and add some flavors!  Let us know what your favorite flavor is!!!  

More to come....  hint  it has to do with the states of water!!!  :-)

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