Monday, August 12, 2013

Week of Science Experiments: Day One

Day One: Underwater Volcano and Density in Liquids

  Here is what you need: Large container, small glass bottle with narrow neck, hot and cold water, string, scissors and red food coloring.
First attached the string to the bottle so you can lower it into the large container.
Next, you fill your large container with cold water, and your small glass bottle with hot water and then add your red food coloring to the hot water.
Pouring Hot water into the small glass bottle.
Katie did a great job putting in the red food color!

Lower in the glass bottle of hot water

Now watch the volcano erupt!!!
It was pretty cool!  The pictures don't do it justice!!!

We also did "See how liquids float and sink" experiment....but I forgot to take pictures!
We used honey, green colored water, and vegetable oil.  We dropped several items in to see what would sink and what would float in which liquid!  We talked about it first and all made our predictions on where we thought it would stop.  We were right on with some and way off with others!! 
It was great fun! 
Come back tomorrow to see our next experiment!!!