Friday, September 5, 2014

My children have fallen prey to the invasion of the body snatchers!!

What is it about dirty dishes that send my children off the deep end??  Seriously?!  It's not like they have to carry them down to the creek and scrub them with sand!  We have a dishwasher that most every thing can go in.  Plus, they are only required to do the dishes once a week....yes only ONCE A WEEK!  There are seven people in our home, so we each have a designated dishes day.  I remember having do to the dishes almost everyday, and if I acted the way my children do, I would have gotten beaten!!
I have to admit that doing dishes are not my favorite chore, but if you just do them then its over relatively quick.   Here is what happens when I remind my boys it is their dishes day.  

Me: (insert boys name here), don't forget it's your dishes day.  You need to get started on them before its so late.
Any one of my 3 boys:  UUGGHHH! Do I really have to do the dishes???  
Me: yes.
Boy: But its so far to the kitchen.
Me: Well then you better start walking now.
Boy: But I don't want to do them.
Me: No one wants to do dishes, its just a fact of life.
Boy: grumble, grumble, grumble...

Then after a couple more reminders they usually at least start, complaining most of the time.

Now, my girls, this is a totally different story!  My normally sweet, well behaved girls....ok,  they aren't always well behaved and they aren't always very sweet to each other, but you know what I mean....  my girls turn into these horrible yellow fanged, crazy purple haired monsters that I know I didn't give birth to!  Here is what it looks like on the girls days.

Me: (insert girl #1 here), don't forget it's your dishes day.  You need to get started on them before its so late.
Girl #1:  WHAT??!!!  It's not MY dishes day!!!
Me: yes it is, its Thursday.
Me: Yes we do, everyone has their own day, we all do dishes. 
Girl #1: Throws herself down on the ground and cries for at least 5 minutes.
Me: Are you done? Because your dishes are still in there waiting on you.
Girl #1: *still crying*  I can't believe how MEAN you are to me!   
Me: Yes, I am mean.  If you would rather wait until tomorrow to do them, you may.  However, you are responsible for all the dishes up until then.
Me: It's your choice.
Girl #1:  *very dramatically*  Ugh!  My life is sooo horrible!!!
Me: Yes, apparently it is, as you tell me that every week.  (at this point, my patience is pretty much gone)
*as calmly as I can muster*  Just get up and go do the dishes.
Girl #1: still whimpering she gets up  and stomps off to get her ipod and starts her dishes.  And slowly she turns back into my child...slowly her yellow fangs shrink and her purple crazy hair lays back down and the color returns to normal..

Ok, now for Girl #2.

Me: (insert girl #2 here), don't forget it's your dishes day.  You need to get started on them before its so late.
Girl #2: *very matter of fact*  No it isn't.  (this is where she changes from my sweet little girl to the head strong, stubborn crazy purple haired monster)
Me: Yes it is.
Girl #2: *still very matter of fact* Well I am not doing them.
Me: Yes you are, you are 9 years old and its your dishes day.
Girl #2: UGH!  I am still not doing them.
repeat the above at least 3 more times
Me:  to my husband....Would you please help me with her!!!  (at this point I have totally lost all patience and I leave the room)

My husband works his magic or doesn't...  He sometimes compromises with her and just has her unload the dishwasher or stand there behind her as she begrudgingly rinses dishes or he just does them himself. (please no judging...we have to pick our battles with this one...)

As I am typing out all the drama we have with our offspring, I am thinking this is just really sad.  We need to be reminded everyday that we are so blessed!  We have a roof over our head, food on our table, a dishwasher to clean these dirty dishes!, we have each other to enjoy our meals with, and so many more blessing!!!

So here is what I am going to do.  Instead of repeating the above over and over again, I am going to post this sign where everyone can see it while they are doing their dishes...including me!

If your children fall prey to the 'invasion of the body snatchers' when it's their turn to do the dishes (or if you fall prey yourself!) try posting the above sign over your sink or in a prominent place in your kitchen.  
I will pray for you to like washing dishes if you will pray for me!! 

God is Good, All the Time, All the Time, God is Good!

Happy Washing!!!


  1. Love this!! Thank you so much for sharing, Christy! Appreciate your honesty- so good to know I'm not alone. :)

  2. Well... sounds like when I was a kid. My 5 sisters and I took turns with the dishes. It was the 60's, the boys didn't have to. We fussed and whined but still did the dishes. Fast forward to present I love doing dishes. So quiet, no one bothers you. Hot, soapy water, so soothing. Hope your kids learn to love it sooner rather than later. God bless dirty dishes and those who wash them.