Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Homeschooling taught by the overwhelmed!

Let me just start off by saying, today was a good day in our home school adventure!  This is what this morning looked like:

All sitting nicely around the table in our newly created school area. (notice how I have nothing on the walls yet!)  They were all getting along, no one was touching anyone else, and math was being calculated by all!  I was a proud momma!  If it were this easy, everyone would home school! Ha!

Most days are a little more rowdy than today.  You see, home schooling is a choice my husband and I made, even though I felt very unqualified.  However, God put this desire in my heart, and if God has ever done this to you, you know you can't refuse!  I have many reasons I school at home.  Probably the number one reason I home school is because I have 2 children with Aspergers.  I have a 14 yr old son and a 9 yr old daughter on the spectrum.  My daughter also struggles with ADHD as well.  These two by themselves make me crazy, frustrated and exhausted.  But, they also bring me such joy!  When I am able to help them understand something they have struggled with, when the light shines through them, you can not duplicate that happiness!
My number two reason is I want my children to learn and know the most important thing in life, to know and have a relationship with God.
No matter how much math, science, english or history you know, if you don't know and believe in Jesus then life is just not worth living.  I love taking my children to daily Mass and teaching them more about our Catholic faith.  That does not mean I don't teach them all the subjects, I just don't freak out if my 9 yr old daughter isn't able to do multiplication yet or my 14 yr old only does 15 math problems instead of all 30.  I let them work at their own pace, some things they excel in and have no trouble breezing through higher levels, and on the subjects they have more difficulty with, we take a little more time.  That way they are exactly where they should be, not where everyone else must be.  
We take time to enjoy the weather outside on nice days.  We take breaks to jump on the trampoline, and just be goofy!  

Even our dog, Marley, likes to get smart!!!  (And yest that is a winter/christmas blanket...)

So really, even though I feel so overwhelmed and scattered at times, the rest out weights it all!  So, if you are thinking about home schooling, just make sure you have the best intentions for your children and make sure that God in the decision process!  Pray, pray often, and don't worry, He is with you always!

Happy Home Schooling!

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