Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer is over already?????

I can not believe that school is just a week away! It will be nice to get back into an everyday routine, but it just flew by!
All 5 of my little blessings will be in school this year. Looking into Haas Hall Academy for Joshua and Brandon. Sometimes you just don't know what the right decision know???
I am making a change in my life. I am trying to be a more servant wife and mother. I want to make our family closer to God and closer to each other. I am tired of feeling tired. I am unhappy with the 'state' of our house, and our finances. I miss spending time with my husband. So I am going to try and do something about it! I am putting God first in my life, and trying to put all my trust in Him. I have always thought that is what I was doing, but looking back I think I was only looking to God in times of despair. Those times have seemed to be multiplying! But today is a new day! I just hope I don't end up like Chicken Little with paper pants on....

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