Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anna's new hobby and missing friends

I am laying here on my bed with my dogs Lucy and Genevieve sound asleep cuddled next to me. I really should be cleaning my house or doing dishes or laundry, but I am too comfortable where I am! I just read a friends new blog about how she is going to try and find a hobby for herself. She just moved to a new town, her husband took a promotion, and she does not have a job. So she is trying to find something constructive and enjoyable to do with her time. The first thing she is going to try is pickling.. which I find kind of funny. Not sure why it is funny. I think it is because when I think of someone pickling, I think of an older woman (grandma type) in one of those ugly shirt aprons. You know the ones! It just seems comical since this girl is pretty young, gorgeous (ya know, the kind you just want to kick! but can't because the are soo nice!) and extremely fun to be around! So, you could see where picturing her in the ugly grandma shirt apron pickling would give anyone a chuckle! Good luck Anna, I can't wait to read all about your pickling experience!

Anna and I were not extremely close friends, she was my son's teacher. She is really fun to be around and she made me laugh a lot! Super sweet girl, and really smart. She was an awesome teacher. I do miss her a lot! Which brings me to a question...what is it about some people that we miss then when they move away, even if you weren't close friends. And why is it you can forget others like they almost didn't exist!?

I sometimes think about friends that I had when I was young and think...where are they now? What are their lives like? And would they remember me? I know this may seem petty and insignificant when looking at the grand scheme of life, but this is the kind of silly things that pass through my already over loaded brain.

Well that is pretty much all my brain can handle tonight...I am going to bed. Good night all!! (who knows who all is, as I don't think anyone reads this blog be me???)

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