Thursday, September 24, 2009


My 9 year old son, Brandon, said to me the other day...WIIFB? I was perplexed at what those initials could mean. What's in it for Brandon. I hate to think that my children are only looking for what is in it for them. I know that he was just teasing, as he does a lot. But it got me thinking. Is that what most of us do? I am hoping that I am teaching by example to my children that its not what is in it for me, but what is in it for Jesus. However, I often think, what is in it for Brandon. With his recent diagnosis, I am asking myself that a lot. 7 doctors in 3 months and being referred to yet another docter. When will I see results from all this therapy? How much do I keep adding? After piano lesson last night, I asked him if he wanted to play in the Music Festival (music competition) in November. His first response, like to everything, "Do I have to?". I said that I thought yes, unless he could tell me a reason as to why he didn't want to. His response was, I just have so much in my life right now, I am so busy. It made my heart hurt a little, but its all good right? He loves piano, so I don't want to take him out of it, but I also don't want him to feel, as a 9 yr old, that his life is just too busy! He has 3 hours per week of therapy, school ( which he is having home work in everyday), piano once a week and practice most everyday for about 30 minutes. Its that too much for a 9 yr old?

He did decide that he wants to play in the music festival after he realized he wouldn't be practicing more, but the same some for a while. For those of you who were in band, Music Festival is like Solo & Ensomble, where you go play for a judge and they give you a rating...except in Music Festival, you play for an audience and a group of judges that critic you and tell you things that are good and what you could improve on, then after attending 5 yrs in a row you get a trophy. Brandon does not know that he will be playing for a judge. He is not nervous about playing in front of an audience, so why make him nervous, right?

So, basically, What is in it for Brandon?

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