Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy CANDY Day with the White Family!!!

At our house, Halloween simply means dressing up and getting candy.  No demonic undertones, no scary costumes, no jumping out and scaring people...
My kids LOVE to dress up, and Halloween is a day when they can wear their costumes out and about and not get crazy looks from everyone we pass.  Well not for their clothing anyway! Haa haa

This is a photo of our first candy gathering!  We have a Wolf Ninja, a Wizard (we decided he was a young Gandolf, as his red beard matched his own hair perfectly!), a Peacock and an Ice Princess.
My oldest did not get to par take in this candy gathering as he was at basketball practice...he was sad, because this is the home office of my husbands 2nd job, and they give out the good stuff, and a lot of it too!!! :-)

Here is my oldest, he of course is a Centaur! 
Yes, he hates getting his picture taken so he looks very grouchy!

Here they all are at my husband's mothers house.

As you know my younger 3 are home schooled, so we dress up when ever we want, however, my older two attend Haas Hall Academy, and they allowed their scholars to dress up for Halloween, upon approval of their costume.
J had to resort to one of his past costumes...
Ghost with a Stache!
(still very funny)
His Centaur was too big to fit in the classrooms :-)

B went as the wolf ninja, minus the face mask.  He was very happy!

Even though she had on a mask, she wanted the extra bling on her face!  After she saw the Ice Princess make up, who could blame her!!

Ice Princess make up

Yes, the ice princess is very sad here, as many of you with Asperger kids know, one small thing can turn a very happy little one into a very upset one!  
Even though I THOUGHT I was curling her hair the way she told me she wanted it, I was not.  

Here she is happy again!

We have been very blessed for the past several years to have been invited to my friends Church for trunk or treating!  It's a great location, back away from the road, and you have to go through all the people to get to wear the kids get to play and have treats, so I feel very safe there!
This year it was even better than before!!
As you can see, one truck was decorated with Turbo, we saw a lot of "Duck Dynasty" trunks, Wizard of Oz themes, star trek, and our favorite was the Snow White with all the Dwarves and especially the Wicked Queen!! (Thanks Tammy for the invite, you were a super wicked queen!!)
Oh, yeah!  I almost forgot, my son's Centaur costume was the hit of the night!  Everyone would see him from the front, and think it was just a fat man or something, then their faces would light up with laughter when they saw the horses behind!!  He enjoyed all the compliments!!  (I have to admit it was a great pick!)

All in all, we had lots of fun, saw lots of great people, and most importantly we got LOTS of yummy candy!!
I sure hope your Dress up for Candy day was as fun as ours!!

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