Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to catch up!

I wish I would write on here more often!  I never seem to have time.   2011 is already flying by!  Brandon just turned 11 years old yesterday...my sweet valentine!  Joshua is rapidly passing me by in height! His voice sounds more like his Dad, I have to stop and think every time I hear him talking in the other room!  Nathan has had this braces on for about 4 months now, he looks so cute!  His giant gap in his front teeth is already corrected!  Katie is getting taller everyday, she is almost as tall as Nathan!  Her hair is almost to the middle of her back, and she says she wants it to touch her hiney!  Courtney, well what to say about Courtney!  She is a female Nathan! She is head strong(stubborn!) and very temperamental.  She can be the sweetest thing when she wants to be!  I think she is a lot like I was as a child, but probably stronger willed!  She is so much like Nathan it is crazy!  All my kids are growing up way too fast!  Tim and I are doing pretty well.  You know sometimes you have ups and downs in a marriage, and this is definitely an up time for us!  Things are hard financially, but hopefully we will see the light soon.  I am trying really hard to just keep reminding myself that God is watching out for us and will ALWAYS provide for us! I have had to start working on Tuesday's which means I can not attend my women's bible study.  I am looking for another study that I can do in the evening. 
We have added two new members to our family since the last time I have written.  Lucy and Genevieve.  Lucy is a Beagle/terrier/cat/goat mix, and Genevieve is a shih tzu/something mix.  They are both very sweet dogs most of the time!  Nathan LOVES Lucy and Brandon LOVES Genevieve!  The other kids go back and forth on which they like the best at that moment! :-) They were an attempt to take away my baby-fever!  I doubt I will ever stop wanting more babies!  Although, I don't know where we would put them or how we would feed and clothe them!  But if God gave me another I would love it as much as I do all 5 right now! 
We have been stuck inside for several weeks with snow like crazy and sick kids.  I have only worked 1 full week since Christmas break!  I am glad to be working a more steady schedule so my paycheck is decent!  I don't make much but we count on every dollar! 
Tim was even home bound one day, we got 24 inches of snow!  It was crazy!  We all went out the enjoy the record breaking snow.  We had a great time, all except for Lucy...she took two steps out and was pulling back to the door!  Genie loved it!  She was hoping through it like a bunny rabbit!  They even stood still and held their heads our for their sweaters after that! Silly dogs! 
Well, we are back to school and things are getting a little more normal..  I think I have caught up for now. 

Trust in the Lord, for He is good!

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