Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Milestone: My weight loss journey.

Here I am...20 POUNDS LIGHTER!!!!!

This is a huge milestone for me! I have been on a 1400 calorie diet with an appetite suppressant for 2 months. The first month weigh in I lost 13 pounds and today I went for my second. I lost 7 more pounds for a total of 20 pounds!

I am focusing on the total number because I was a little disappointed to have only lost 7 lbs when I lost 13 the first month. However losing this weight has caused my BMI to go down 2 points and my blood pressure went from 154/104 (with medication) down to 120/84!!!

The things that have helped me the most? My faith in God. Yes, I pray about my weight loss! I know that God is good, All the time and He will help me with anything! My favorite verse is Philippians 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" This verse has helped me through out my life, with my marriage, my children, jobs, decisions, you name it, it applies!

When someone just randomly comes up to me and says "you are looking skinny" or "wow! you look great!". Those comments have been such a positive motivator for me! However, I had to remind myself that if someone didn't say anything (like my family at Thanksgiving) that it shouldn't hurt my feelings because I am not doing this for them. I am doing this for me!

Another motivator for me is my clothes! When I first started to notice that my jeans were loose, that was awesome! Now I have jeans that I just can't wear anymore because even with a belt I was constantly pulling up my pants! This morning as I was trying to choose the lightest outfit to wear to my dr's appointment, I got another surprise! I chose a lightweight long sweater with a belt and leggings (of course I took off my shoes to weigh!). I had to get a different belt because the one that goes with this sweater, on the last notch, was 2 inches too big! Plus my leggings are baggy through my legs! I can't tell you how great it feels to have pretty much lost 10% of my body weight!

Things I have been eating... Well, I was not willing to give up my morning coffee, and no one else wants me to give that up either! I measure my creamer every time. I know exactly where on my coffee cup is 2 tablespoons! I tend to eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch, mostly because I am to lazy to find out calories on something new everyday. Yes I know that is sad, but its just easier when you're in a hurry to grab the 250 calorie oatmeal packet for breakfast and I can take a low cal waffle with a tsp of peanut butter with me in the car. I like apples and carrots a lot so I use those as my go to snack if I am feeling hungry. For dinner, I just eat what my family eats. I didn't change my cooking when I started this change because I knew that if I did it wouldn't last. I have some very picky eaters with sensory issues and 3 with food allergies. The allergies already make our grocery bill higher than I would like so I knew that if I started trying to buy special foods just for me, it would last about a week! I just started measuring out everything I ate. When I would finish my dinner, I would wait a while before I got seconds. Most of the time, I wouldn't really be hungry. I have had calories left over everyday!

All this without exercise! If you remember from my first post, I have problems with my feet which keeps me from really exercising. I have plantar fasciitis in both my feet. I had surgery last year on my right foot to extend the tendon, but my body likes to create scar tissue and a lot of it. So, I had surgery to remove the scar tissue about the same time as I started this diet. My right foot is so much better now! I go back in a few days for my podiatrist to evaluate my left foot to determine if it will need surgery as well. With all this foot pain I can barely walk some days so exercise is just not an option right now. I know this is part of the reason I started packing on the weight in the first place. My husband and I used to walk a lot, but for the past 2 years I haven't been able to join him. (just imagine how much more I would be losing if I could exercise!!!)

Just to remind you what I looked like 20 pounds heavier... Yuck!

Good luck to those of you that are joining me on this weight loss journey! I would love to hear your successes and tips!

Look for less of me in the future!

Blessing to all! Christy

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